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We are born and based in Turin, Italy, but we work with people from all over the world. Our studio is filled with professionals specialised in every aspect of sound production.
Thanks to our array of skills we can move from concept to creative direction, from sound design to music, from recording to mastering at the speed of light sound.

From latin amplitudo:
Physical extent or greatness.

Every story has a voice.
We help you make it sound great.

What we do

We work together with agencies, studios and directors to create unique sound products.
So you get it, right? We are all about sound. If you love details, then these are the services we provide.

Sound design

We craft fine sound effects of any kind: cinematic, organic, textural, digital... you name it, we design it.

Original music

We create original compositions for any project. We devour albums, trends and genres, so that our style is always up to date.

Sound Recording

We are equipped for industry standard recording quality, whether it has to be in the studio or on location (during storms too, we have fluffy blimps).

3D Audio

We constantly dig into new technologies, so we are specialised in designing 3D Audio soundscapes to immerse listeners into new worlds.

Voice over

Voice is the most powerful sound ever. It can start a war or say ‘I love you’. Together with our professional speakers we assure the right timbre for your needs.

Audio Editing

It might be boring but we love it: cutting takes, chopping bits, cleaning recordings and improving audio quality is part of our daily routine.


A sound project is like a recipe: we dedicate patience to wisely combine all the elements to achieve the tastiest result.


In everyday life people switch from smartphone to tablet, from TV to PC. Our job is to make a product sound the same anywhere: loud and clear.

How we do it

We love to experiment and always keep up with new trends and technologies. Our job is to translate your communication needs into cool sounds.
You just need to say hello, talk us through your project and tell us how we can help. Then you can relax and let us do the magic.